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need you like water in my lungs.

you're so handsome dressed in black.
15 July
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2ge+her, 90's emo/screamo, a tribe called quest, aceyalone, aesop rock, against me!, art, atmosphere, banksy, being soo high., belton, binary star, blockhead, blonde boys, blueprint, body mods, brother ali, c-rayz walz, cage, cannibal ox, carissa lea nesfield, catcher in the rye, cold weather attire, comic books, cute hip hop boys, dan the automator, dancing in the street, de la soul, dead prez, def jux, del tha funkee homosapien, deltron 3030, dj shadow, djing, drum and bass, ella fitzgerald, eyedea & abilities, gore, graffiti, handsome boy modeling school, hating all myspace celebrities, hating pizza, hieroglyphics, hip hop, homestarrunner.com, ill bill, immortal technique, james raymond dominguez, jazz, jurassic 5, knitting, krs-one, krylon, life sucks die, living legends, louis armstrong, lovage, lrg, lucy ford, mac lethal, madlib, madvillian, making beats, mexican food, mf doom, miles davis, montana, mos def, mr. dibbs, mr. lif, murs, musab, my bike, necro, not being goth, omg that's so graff., orchids, other shit., pom wonderful pomegranate juice, post hardcore, pre-marital coitus, prefuse 73, quasimoto, queen, raekwon, rahzel, rainy days, records, rhymesayers, rjd2, sage francis, san francisco, sbemail, sean daley., seven, sex, slick rick, slug, softball, sparks, stones throw, talib kweli, tattoos, teenagers from mars, tetris, the 40's, the beach, the illuminatives, the saxophone, underground hip hop, vinyl, warning, wearing all black, weed, who is lucy?, wu-tang clan, yesterday's new quintet, yesterdays new quintet